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Social Activities

Social Activities

» Student dormitories built by our company with their social facilities in Antalya in 1998 and in Ağrı in 2002 were donated to Akdeniz University and Ağrı Governorate, respectively.

» Akdeniz University Student Dormitory

The dormitory, which has sports and social facilities for 52 people with a usage area of 1 decare, built on 3 decares of land to provide residence for female students studying at Akdeniz University, was opened in 1998 and was built and donated by us to the Rectorate of Antalya Akdeniz University...

» Sabri Aga Student Dormitory

Due to the housing problem of the children of needy families who came to Ağrı to study, our company donated 10.000m2 of land to this problem, and we donated the SABRİ AĞA student dormitory with 50 rooms and all social facilities, on which 100 students can be accommodated, to the Governorship of Ağrı.

Quality Policy

Kalite Politikamız

Meeting customer satisfaction at the highest level in the production and services offered within the field of activity of our company has been adopted as a basic principle.

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